Saturday, August 23, 2008

happy anniversary!

Today Blink and Bridge is one year old. I didn't intend to take a sabbatical over the summer. It just happened. It's interesting how the urge to post and read blogs has been creeping up the last few weeks. I attribute it to being back in the "condo" (my classroom) with students and my mind responding to all things infused with school and teaching: new third graders, new curriculum, my own college student going back for a second year, my high schooler readying for junior year, my oldest working with fledgling kindergarteners, my teammates rallying to get to know their new students, the "drive-by" teacher meetings in hallways, the staff development already going on, the collaborative support surrounding individual students, the hunting and gathering of materials and furniture as we create our environments for learning, administrators and staff working to welcome a huge increase of students. It's a hubbub of pedagogy. Can't wait to write about it.

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