Saturday, October 18, 2008

teacher research

Some of our new teachers have joined our school's teacher research group. I'm impressed with how they are already taking responsibility for their own professional learning and growth on top of all they are managing as a new teacher. I'm even more impressed they know an activity like this will help their teaching and ultimately help their students. As a young teacher, this sort of self-exploration wasn't even on my radar. I mean what sort of capable teacher would still have questions about teaching once they were awarded a teaching credential licensed by a state's department of education? Who would want to expose their practices, their instructional strategies and their professional vulnerabilities for all to see?

Teaching is a living, breathing process. Our research is already such a part of our day. We are always making adjustment for things that work and don't work with students. We know we are lucky. Lucky we are in a county and a school that acknowledges the value of this work. We are allotted time during our work day to work on our project, space in a nice conference room and experts at our beck and call for the sole purpose of asking and exploring questions we have about our practices. Thinking about our teachers embracing this... maybe we've made our luck.

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Stacey said...

Action research is what transformed the way I teach writing.

Yea for your group!