Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Small group planning

hosted by Two Writing Teachers
Spread around me, 37 pounds of thick, generously endowed reading books to reference. Some at my feet on the ottoman, one near my elbow opened to a page with the heading, "self-monitoring and self-correcting." To my right, stacked flush, are recently analyzed running records; that special evidence of approximations and partial knowledge, ready to build on. Add to that, a bit of straight up accuracy. I'm topping it off with a good mechanical pencil, planning template, and my warmed with the microwave, aroma therapy pillow collaring my neck. A necessity after moving around with those 37 pounds of books, I think. Look out guided reading group! Lesson on the way.


elsie said...

Love the way this reads like a recipe, a complicated recipe, one many don't want to use when they create small group plans. But so worth it when implemented. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the recipe style as well. Very unique. I hope your groups are going well.
I missed reading your slices. I hope you will join in on Tuesdays for Slice of Life.
Wanted to let you know that I updated my tabs on my blog. I explained it on April 10th's blog entry.
Happy spring. :)MaryHelen