Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sostantivo casa due*

My home visits (post 2)* for 2007 are almost over. They have once again literally opened my eyes a little wider. They were:

  • hour long (sometimes more) conversations and sharing
  • images of hard working parents (chefs, construction workers working in other states, salesmen, retail store clerks, restaurant servers, building supervisors, moms, dads, single moms and single dads, housekeepers, manicurists, computer technicians, government workers, bank personnel, staff assistants)
  • grandmothers, grandfathers, cousins, aunts, uncles, boyfriends of aunts, older and younger siblings, friends, and pets listening and sitting with us to support their favorite students
  • doors opening to the sight of over animated, excited students greeting me
  • the sights of libraries for children in the homes of families whose first language is Spanish or Vietnames or Korean or Urdu, small desks with pencils and crayons, neat homes
  • the sounds of a trumpet and keyboard played by two students and singing by another whose talents were hidden from me til then
  • delicious bites of hot Indian food, grilled salmon with potatoes, orange juice and crackers, cold water, fresh fruit, offers for more food and beverage
  • translators who thought they were coming to provide parents access to negative news (they told me so)
  • a fresh look at how I would start second quarter
  • three weeks of afternoons, weekend mornings, and evenings (I have a supportive husband) that I wouldn't trade for anything else I do professionally

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Jenny said...

I feel like I learn so much at parent conferences but it can't even begin to compare with what you learn at these home visits. You are an inspiration and someday I hope to model myself after you in this fashion (I'm already modeling myself after you in other areas).