Wednesday, October 10, 2007

blog, blah, blah!

I'm taking an online course about blogs. It is my hope I can turn this online writing, sometimes conversation into something that will transfer into student achievement for our third grade students. I see the potential...really, I do. I have a few favorite bloggers (see below) and I'm always getting ideas, thinking new thoughts, laughing, reading some of their favorites, and trying new things in my writing because of them. I think third graders can do the same given a chance. I am not sure how I actually get things on this page sometimes but, heck, at least I'm trying. I find I am doing things on this page out of need and want before I even have the right words for them. In my first assignment for this class I did some exploration of blogs and realized I had only a miniscule understanding of the vocabulary involved in this kind of writing. I continue to look for the right words while bridging my technical achievement gap.

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Tree said...

Wow! My thoughts exactly. I think of blogging as a safe environment to experiment as a writer. But because I am blogging, I still have a large audience. Much larger then the audience for my writer's notebook. I am not sure I give my students enough situations where they can experiment as writers and have an audience.