Wednesday, February 6, 2008

winter poems

I'm taking a new approach to teaching poetry as a genre this year. I am exposing third grade students to poetry throughout the year instead of throughout a three to four week period. I am a little behind many of my incredible colleagues who already drank from the well (I want to write a poem about this phrase sometime!) and have been teaching poetry all year for awhile. Our class is now at the point in poetry workshop where they are writing their own poems. For this first effort, I used "poetry sketching". Students used a list of words to create a poem. The list which they helped create: snow, slush, quiet, white, cold, freezing, quiet, splash, trees, drifting, dark, bright. Stay warm and enjoy!

Soft Snow
Cold snow splashing quietly, drifting silently through the air
White freezing snow covering
The ground
As it’s melting, leaving
Nothing but slush
Brightly dripping off the trees
By E.W.

Unusual Winter Silence
It sure is unusual, in this silent winter cold,
To many snowflakes in the sky, waiting to unfold.
It sure is white, in the surprising winter season,
When the trees are surely beaten. Why, is it so dark,
So early in the day, when it is bright, any other
Day? Many days have gove have gone by, and the
Sky is too fully supplied by snow.
By T.S

Silent Winter
Silent white snow slushing
Cold tree freezing. Night
Is getting longer. But stars
Are still brightening.
By I.A.

Bright white cold snow as I step into
The slush, splash! Quiet silent trees drifting in the wind freezing in the dark
Cold forest.
By C. M.


Snippety Gibbet said...

Hmmmm.........Somehow we need to combine this with their art lessons........jj

Blink said...

Cool idea (pardon the pun)...Thanks!

AMY S. said...

great poetry. thanks for sharing.

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