Friday, February 22, 2008

more winter poems

Seems appropriate to share more winter poems on a "snow day".

Days of Winter
Waking in the cold snow
And freezing slush, Seeing
dim light that used to be
So bright
Snd now it’s a quiet
And silent in the dark. I can
Barely see the white of the
Trees and a leaf drifting in
The sky and the last thing
I heard was splash.
by k.t.

The Feeling of Winter
White cold snow drifting down upon
My face making me want to freeze.
Freezing cold wind blowing slush, snow
On the roof and splashing to the ground.
Drip drip drip drip drip drip.
Then as the quiet trees dance in the nice wind animals hide
In their shelter in the dark until spring
With the wind, whoosh.
Then suddenly
A bright light came, animals came out.
Spring is here. Happiness is everywhere.
by m.l.

The snow in winter is cold.
The wind chill in winter is freezing.
Also when it snows it may rain, and cause
Snow to slush. In the silent nights, the snow
Is drifting very quietly and also in the dark there
Is always a bright light and that light makes a bright
Reflection in the ice to a leaf.
by a.g.

Winter Snow
White snow
cold air
white shy silent place.
Everywhere is a quiet white day.
by j.a.

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