Saturday, March 10, 2012

SOLC Day 10~ my writing spot

It's been a few years since I began Blink and Bridge. It started as an attempt to learn more about what my students went through as writers and to journal what happened in our classroom. Yesterday during writing workshop I watched our second graders writing at their desks and it dawned on me they really only get to write in one spot everyday. Their desks. I wondered if they were comfortable. Several students walked around, some to talk about their writing with another student. Some were asking for help from a classmate. All good stuff. Although I admit, I thought a couple of students were just walking around to avoid writing, which made me wonder again if they were comfortable.

When I write at home, I have a three spots I seek out. All have comfortable chairs and ottomans. I believe a comfortable chair ought to have an ottoman because you ought to put your feet up when you sit in it. I like to write with my laptop in my lap. I just think you're supposed to. I think I write more and my writing sounds better when I compose from those spots. Once in awhile I sit at my office desk and write. Even with a comfortable chair it isn't where I prefer to think and write. That desk is where I study. It's where bills get paid. Too much baggage in that spot, I guess. Even at school in the bookroom which houses my desk, I'll sit in the craig's list love seat I got for free so I can put my feet up and write with my laptop on my lap.

I'm thinking I might go into my classroom on Monday with a whole new attitude about where our kids can write. Maybe that darn desk is holding them back. Maybe all they can associate the desk with is math problems! Or the economics of Ancient Mali? At the very least maybe they'd like a choice.

Do you give your students choices about where they can write? Where's your favorite spot to write?


Linda at teacherdance said...

It really is a profound idea to consider the comfort of students in their writing lives. I liked the opening observation, then the thoughts about your own work (not the desk, too much baggage, and then the success story. Fun, fun!

Wendi Richert said...

My favorite spot to blog (which is my 'writing') is on the couch with my Macbook. I do give my kids a choice. They can go anywhere in the room. But they can't take another kid's book nook. Writing workshop looks a bit messy, a bit unstructured, but I like it that way. :) Thanks for making me think about that.

Blink said...

@Linda I guess I never thought to put myself in the student's place. I also worry a little about a good writing position (handwriting, that is) but, may that doesn't matter if they feel like they are focusing.
@Wendi Thanks for sharing about your students getting a choice. Makes me braver!

MaryHelen said...

How did it go? Did you try allowing them to have special spot? As a literacy coach, I have worked with teachers to set up writing nooks, much like their book nooks. It depends on the kids and the procedures that have been set up. I hope it is going well and hope to see you reflect again.

Joanne said...

I write sitting in bed with my lap top! My student sit anywhere in the room as long as they are quiet and writing. I think it makes a difference but always have to watch for the social butterflies who like to move around the room looking of a better spot. My rule is you stay in the spot you first landed.

Blink said...

Well- still trying to work in "pick your spot for writing" in my class. I'm getting braver as some of you offer how you do it! Thanks for sharing!