Friday, August 24, 2007

getting dumped for college

I am being dumped for college...again. Seems my 18 year old, like her now 21 year old sister, thinks life at a major university in a bucolic setting will make her happy and nurture her intellectually and socially. I don't get it. Who needs all that? Where have the days gone when she was happy to walk around the back yard in her white mary janes, with a pink bandana around her shoulders over a pink smocked dress, wearing a pink floppy hat over soft, bouncy curls, holding a family of bendable Dalmations in a pink carrying case while singing and talking to her imaginary friends? I suppose 14 years of adding to those experiences could create a few more expectations for her. For me... I could do with a few more days of watching those curls bounce around the house.


Erin O'Brien said...

don't worry mama, you're still our fave. i promise we don't eat nearly as well when we're at school without your home-cookin'! you are irreplacable. chat room dates at least once weekly. miss you! LOVE the blog. mwah!

Jenny said...

I read recently that parenting is the one job, that done well, you put yourself out of work. You've done well - raised bright, mature, independent girls. Fortunately, you've also managed to build relationships with them that have evolved as they have grown.

You are a model for us as we raise our girls.

Julie said...

oh ma, we love you desperately :) i love it here but of course i miss you guys. chat room dates sound good to me. i love the blog too, cute polka dots!

Sally said...

Dear Charlene, you are the BEST MOM!!
This parenting thing is NUTS!! I lost two in a single day. I had a rough day or two, but hearing them chatter excitedly on the phone about their new lives at college--makes it
almost worth it. Well, maybe not, but I am trying real hard not to feel sorry for myself and to be "big" about it all.

Blink said...

thanks for the support all...kinda helps:)