Monday, August 27, 2007

Letting Go

Public radio had a great program on last night called, "Leaving Home." (Sound and Spirit) Heard it while driving from Syracuse after watching one daughter's away field hockey game which was after dropping off another daughter for her first year of college. We went south a few hours only to go north again a few hours plus some. All in all... the round trip was 1,050 miles, 30 hours, 5 states, 100s of ounces of coffee, too much fast food, a thunder and lightning storm that can only occur in the mini climate of the Appalachian range, a visit to WalMart for the last of dorm neccesities, a farewell lunch, the chance to assemble a fan with a butter knife (all women should have a good set of tools!), doling out of a little "walking around $$$", and time to bond. It occurs to me we left home in a myriad of ways this past weekend. Regarding my recent experience, Suzy Bogguss sums it perfectly in her song, "Letting Go." Hearing Ellen Kushner's program last night helped keep the theme in perspective making letting go and leaving home a little easier. Good bridge.

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