Thursday, August 23, 2007

How do we process it all?

Our school year began July 30th. I'm now in my fourth week of instruction. Great time to write this first post. Presently, I'm finishing the second day of a two day meeting with other educators. My blink reaction to the meeting was, "Yikes" how can I be away from my classroom this early in the year for two days?" I have a few students who really NEED my support as they navigate their day and as we build rapport. Second blink do I process all I'm taking in? I should quit whining. Experience should remind me whining has never paid off. After today I will come away with tools I can immediately put to use that will further support these students who NEED me. I've had some planning and collaboration time with colleagues I would not have had otherwise. I've learned a lot about what is happening across our school district and that gives me great perspective and affirms much of what is happening at our school. I've had a chance to trust good teachers with my students. I've made new friends. A new bridge.

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