Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's just a number

I’m not one to dwell on my age. Once in a while when I have to get the oil can out or curtail some activity I think about it but, only briefly. Today I thought about it.

As part of my over-50 wellness program I got an EKG. I went into a nice medical office building well after the usual working hours grateful to be able to just walk in, show some ID and insurance information and be set to have it done. I walked over to the sitting area noticing a cute elderly couple. They were also waiting. I wondered what condition they had. I mean at their age it could be just about anything. I watched them (actually stared) as they sat across from me. As I continued to watch I had to suppress a little chuckle. Both sat with their heads down. Both had hands with fingers moving wildly on their touch screen phones. They were reading intently between moves. I thought they must be the coolest great-grandparents around.

Heck I have years ahead of me.


Karren said...

Cute slice! I wonder what they were so busy doing on those phones.

Age truly is just a number. I wish I had half of the energy and spunk that my 85 year old grandpa seems to have!

GirlGriot said...

I love this slice, love how that couple puts some of your thoughts and ideas about aging into perspective! My students are obsessed with knowing how old I am ... and I remain just as obsessed with not telling them. I'm not sure why I care so much.

Blink said...

Karren, I also have a few role models in the 80s. Makes we want to rekindle a connection with a couple of them now that I'm thinking of them.

Blink said...

GirlGriot- a little mystery when it comes to the age of their teachers keeps them thinking! Keep 'em guessing!