Monday, March 15, 2010

Vagabond Crabs and other diseases

One of our teachers, a good friend, my teaching colleague, fellow bookclub member, and evidently, confused pal read the subject line of my posted note on the in-school only "Staff News" email folder and furrowed her brow in concern. She immediately had three thoughts that came in the form of questions. "What are vagabond crabs? How did she get them? Why would she post that on Staff News for all to see? I mean, she's (meaning me) pretty open about things and would look to her friends for help and advice, but... vagabond crabs? Maybe she wants to help prevent an outbreak?"

Then she read past the subject line to the rest of my email which went like this:

I have Vagabond Crabs, Chicken Little, and Wagon Wheels. They were left on a bench at school and probably belong to a "Morning Book Club" participant. They will be on my desk if you want to claim them for your student.

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Bonnie K said...

That's wonderful. Vagabond Crabs! Perfect!