Monday, March 29, 2010

Spin Doctor

The hills were killer today. Who knew when I got there, after checking my seat and adjusting my handlebars, after putting my towel and water bottle just so on my bike, that we'd be off on a climb in the Canary Islands. Sure,we started with a reasonable tilt and speed. But before long we made big adjustments. New positions. We rode a lot standing up. I guess if you're going 266 m. up a pleistocene grade you better stand up. What goes up then makes a drastic down. We not only push down on pedals on this climb, we drive them up and across on the way around as the foot circles, as we go up and down that grade. For this maturing athlete that was almost too many directions for maturing body parts. Sweat was beading up quickly on my brow.

Our spin doctor continued spinning. Words and wheels. She described the mountain scrub we'd notice if we weren't looking through a fog of sweat and visible breath. There was water in their somewhere. Something about the confluence of oceans and gulf streams and... well, I really didn't get the rest. She talked about the low cost of good wine (5,00 ), good rooms (100 €), the viable pure beauty, persuading us further that this climb was benefiting us. Driving us to distraction, molding the truth just so.

She's good. I needed the towel. Over a liter of water gone from my bottle. An hour gone by and the visit to the Canary mountains and spin class was over.


Becky said...

Your writing was so descriptive, I felt a little tired after reading it.
Becky E

GirlGriot said...

That was fantastic! Your descriptions were so great, I could feel myself pushing through those hills with you. I love how it isn't clear what's really going on at first. We hit that "Canary Islands" and my brain was like: "Wait a minute. What?" My favorite bit: "We rode a lot standing up. I guess if you're going 266 m. up a pleistocene grade you better stand up. "

wlb said...

I was on that ride with you...Wishing there were fewer hills so I could look at the scenery. Nice piece...reminds me I could write about running...with my WII!