Sunday, March 23, 2008

appetite suppression- slice of life day 21

I can't keep up. It's like having a table groaning with all the goodies you've always wanted to try sent over from some amazing chefs and they are all there for the tasting. I need help with portion control. Today I opened a post by Tim at Assorted Stuff about the XO and Classmate comparing the differences between these two sweet computers. Made me want to see them in action. Still love the premise of the XO and hope its mission will be accomplished. Then I read about podcasting book reviews at Kevin's Meandering Mind (a blog that has come to me via the Slice of Life Challenge). He even tells how easy it is. I registered for a free podcasting account months ago but have yet to use it with my students. KMM also shared some very hip animated videos created and produced by students who are teaching some aspects of how the XO works. Makes me want to get my kids using more animation... some animation? The students work via Nortel Learn iT. I had to explore the site after seeing it and eventually had to stop myself from reading all the lessons, all the articles linked to them and from watching all the videos. Then I checked out because I will be teaching a 5th grade math class for the next week and wanted to see if there were any Mathcasts I could use. These are instructional lessons produced by students. Definitely can use Rounding Decimals. Had to stop myself from looking at all of them. Don't think I need to share how to find the equation of a line though it looks pretty interesting! There are only so many hours in a day. Appetite suppression.


GirlGriot said...

Wow. So much to try to take in. I might be teaching math next term, so I might just take a look at 'mathtrain' too. Doing this challenge (especially when I fall behind in reading everyone else's posts) has been a little like what you describe in your post -- so much good stuff, so little time!

Kevin said...

That is a lot to digest.
Take a deep breath and dive right in!

Jenny said...

Wow! Information overload.

Kate got an XO for Christmas, so if you ever want to play around, let me know.