Tuesday, March 18, 2008

spring break- slice of life day 15

Drove 400 miles through seven states today. Made great time. Isn't this what we always say when we drive this kind of distance? My daughter and I are spending some of our spring break week with relatives in western Massachusetts. It's a scenic part of New England. It's also scenicly cold. I forget how cold it can be in March until I am here. You'd think I would remember the April 1st snowstorm in 1997 that dumped three feet of white stuff all over Boston by morning. No fooling. I was such a rookie at weather then. You'd think three years in Cleveland would have prepared me. I stayed home from my little job that day never dreaming the faculty, thousands of grad students, the mass transportation system, and a bunch of tourists would be unencumbered by a few feet of snow. Today I left sunny Virginia with jeans, t-shirt and a fleece sweater this morning. I got to overcast Massachusetts and remembered I did in fact, have a pair of gloves in the car. Good thing. There's a possibility of snow tonight. After all, it's still March and it's cold here.

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