Monday, March 17, 2008

results dribbling in- slice of life day 14

Pardon the poor photo composition. Flashed a shot right out of the back of my car after dribbling, tapping, and reverse-sticking my way around a field yesterday. The image is proof of a few kid-like, deliriously happy moments with my hockey stick. Today I am less deliriously happy. In fact, I'm a little sore. But, it's such a good sore. It's the kind of sore that comes at my age because you overdo it a little or use muscles you aren't use to using. I didn't realize I was overdoing it at the time. I was realizing the rhythm and sound of a plastic (use to be leather) ball crossing in front of me while I kept the stick in contact with the ball, controlling possesion of it as I swayed side to side. I was tapping the ball on the end of the stick setting new records for taps every few minutes as I worked on eye-hand coordination and an even height for each tap. I dribbled the ball around a turf field, working to keep my head up while pushing the ball forward using my peripheral vision to maintain contact and "possession." My legs remembered the rhythm of four strides to each touch on the ball that began in my college playing days of almost thirty years ago. My lungs however, had forgotten and signaled my legs to slow down with each big gulp of air. My core muscles have evidently forgotten a little something too, because that's where I'm feeling the results of all that work. What fun, though. It's been over six years since my last club game but, the great joy of playing around with a ball and stick just for the sake of playing is still there.


GirlGriot said...

Great slice! The fun of the day clearly overshadows the aches of the day after!

Kevin said...

Excellent slice of life. As far as sports go, my thoughts have turned to how I will continue playing soccer in America, which, unlike Germany, doesn't have a local soccer club with an adult time in every podunk town.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the regions post!