Friday, March 7, 2008

family time- slice of life story day 7

We are home just relaxing together. It's Friday and presently no one in my house has plans. We are happy to have a quiet night together. There aren't any high school games to go to, no elementary school events, no work parties, no one up for the latest movie releases or a dinner out. Although I give my college aged daughter home on break a few hours before her pals begin to call for a late night gathering. In the meantime there are three computers on for three family members who are home. If my husband wasn't traveling he'd be at the kitchen counter with a fourth computer. Two of the laptops are on in the same room a few feet apart. There are three family members and one friend hanging out and all heads are looking at a computer screen. There's an occasional head that pops up and sharing of what someone is reading, who they are talking to, listening to, or watching. Who'd a thunk it? Between "You Tube" videos, emailing, Facebook, blogging, writing lyrics, checking out a friend's photos online, listening to music, and reading the Boston Globe, being with friends is an afterthought. Or is it?

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jules said...

haha too true. i think we ended up going out around 11 on friday night. but at least you and i got to introduce smalls to her first "lazy sunday" experience together first. :)